Avoid ruined brooms, shovels, tools

Hang brooms, shovels, rakes and other yard/floor tools. If the handles have a hole, insert a cord or string and knot it. Hang the item from a hook or nail. If it does not have a hole and drilling one is not an option, purchse a hook designed to hang things on or pound in 2 nails allowing space between them to place the handle of the shovel, broom, etc. Hang the tools high enough so the bristles or edges do not rest on the floor/ground. If using 2 nails, hang the tool or broom upside down with the bristles, etc. resting on the nails.

This will save the shovel from rusting on the edge from sitting in melted snow/water and bent bristles on the broom from the weight of the broom pushing on them.

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