Bacon tips

Coat bacon strips with flour before frying. I shake the bacon strips in a plastic bag with flour before frying in a pan or baking in a microwave. The flour creates a nice coating that tastes great and gives the bacon a new texture, while reducing shrinkage.

After purchasing bacon, cut it into half strips (to make the stips shorter) and layer with plastic wrap type product or roll into rolls (rolling from the long ends) before freezing. The bacon frys better and more evenly if it is in shorter pieces in your frying pan, so the half slices produce a better finished product. When bacon is frozen in rolls, it is easy to remove a roll at a time for use and if cut while frozen it is easy to use in recipes and omlets, etc. Cut the rolls in quarters or size desired. If done while frozen, the bacon is easy to handle as it will hold it's firmness for cutting.

Save money and buy bacon ends and pieces if available from your butcher. These are usually very lean and cost effective. If bacon will be cut into pieces for baked beans, casseroles, soup and toppings, this is ideal. You only need to cut it as needed and offers a good quality flavor while saving time and money. I freeze my ends in layers with plastic wrap product inbetween or roll it and cut it into pieces while still frozen so it is still firm for cutting ease.

When a recipe calls for bacon, split it so that you save some for the topping. Fry some of it and crumble for garnish on the top of the dish at serving time.

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