Bugs on the windshield of your vehicle

Traveling can be a messy experience if it is bug season or if your are driving through rural areas.  I keep a sponge-scrubbie in the trunk and a spray bottle with windshield washer fluid and an old rag or paper toweling.  When the bug mess needs to be removed from your windshield, don't use the washer equipment at a service/gas station.  The epuipment and fluid can be a worse problem than what you started with.  The fluid may be oily and the equipment can be worn, allowing scratching to occur on your windows.

Using your spray bottle with your washer fluid and a scrubbie you can get cleaner windows and will not need to wait to find a station (and hope they are not out of fluid or equipment when you arrive) and you can clean your windows any time it is necessary, by pulling off onto the shoulder of the road or similar area without using an off and on ramp, wasting valuable travel time.  BE CAREFUL OF TRAFFIC PASSING YOU WHILE YOU DO THE WINDOWS.

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