Place candles in the freezer prior to using and they will burn longer.

Trim the wick – new or already burned so it is quite short and it will not smoke as much.

Wet your fingers when pinching out the flame and it will save the smell and the smoke of the smoldering wick after being extinguished.

When storing, do not place different colored candles next to each other unless each candle is wrapped individually, as the colors will transfer to the next candle.

Place the candles on a clear plate or plastic wrap product so any dripping wax does not ruin the fabric or material below the candle. A clear plate or wrap material will not distract from your candle holder or display.

If you have candles of various colors, drip the wax down the other candles and when you burn them, they will always look decorative, as the new dripping wax will only lead to more dripping and will look intentional on it – thus enhancing instead of distracting from its appearance.
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