Cookie Shipping Tips

Ship cookies that are not too tender (break easily). Bars usually are good for shipping, especially if made with pumpkin, squash, applesauce, etc.

Cut-out cookies often break in shipping. Sour cream cutouts or some gingerbread cookies are sturdier and might ship without too much breakage.

Adding oatmeal to cookies like chocolate chip make them sturdier and more nutritious and tasty.

Do not send meringue cookies or sugar cookies that are made with oil, as they will break very easily. Be cautious if cookies have a chocolate sauce type layer that might melt if in a warm truck or plane.

Jam oatmeal bars and many soft spice cookies are good shippers.

Be careful to not mix strong flavored cookies with lightly flavored cookies (ie. ginger snaps with sugar cookies) since flavors might mix into the mild flavored cookies.

Wrap cookies individually in plastic type wrap or the new “Press and Seal” wrap.

Be sure cookies are throughly cooled before packaging.

Use a sturdy package so it doesn't bend when other heavier packages are placed on top of it. Cookie tins or popcorn cans (might be too big) are great for shipping.

For packing material, use air popped popcorn that has not had any butter, etc. added to it. Include a salt shaker, but do not salt the popcorn or the salt will get onto the cookies. Shredded paper can be used if the cookies are first wrapped thoroughly in a plastic, etc. wrapping. Drycleaner bags that have been crushed loosely give nice cushioning for cookies and they are light to ship.

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