Do Not Discard Leftover Sauces and Toppings

Don't discard left over sauces and toppings.  They are often just enough to make a dish special and tasty.

Use leftover pizza sauce and peppreroni with shredded cheese to make individual pizzas on pita bread, tortillas or English muffins.

Use leftover fruit preserves for toppings or fillings in cakes.

Left over wine, use red wines in beef gravy or marinades, white wine in white sauces or fondu.

Chocolate sauce, mix with mascarpone cheese and serve as a dessert dip with fruit or vanilla wafer cookies.

Chocolate syrup, mix with milk for chocolate milk, add to chocolate cake or muffins, drizzle on pancakes while they are in the pan before turning for frying on the other side.

Strawberry sauce, put on pudding or custard.

Fruit yogurt, use as a fruit dip.

Flat (no fizz) 7-Up or 50-50 type soda – save for rinsing fruit (apples, bananas, pears) to keep them from turning brown.  The soda can be frozen between uses.

Fruit sauces or pie fillings – puree pie fillings and use as the liquid in making a cake, eliminating or substituting for the milk or water in the cake – same with fruit sauces.

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