Eggscellent hints

To determine whether an egg is fresh without breaking the shell, immerse the egg in a pan of cool salted water. If it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh. If it rises to the surface, throw it away.

To determine if an egg is hard-boiled, spin it. If it spins round and round, it is har-boiled. If it wobbles and will not spin, it is raw.

Pierce the end of an egg with a pin, and it will not break when placed in boiling water and it peels easier.

A few drops of vinegar will keep poached eggs from running all over the pan.

Eggs beat up fluffier when not too cold. They should be at cool room temperature for best results.

Beaten egg whites will be more stable if you add 1 teaspoon cream of tartar to each cup of egg whites (7 or 8 eggs)

For baking, it's best to use medium to large eggs. Extra large eggs may cause cakes to fall when cooled.

For fluffier omelets, add a pinch of cornstarch before beating.

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