Food Storage Tips

Marshmallows: Keep in freezer. Allow time for thawing before using. They can be refrozen several times, with not damage to the quality. They stay soft and do not get sticky.

Cookies: Place crushed tissue paper in the bottomm of your cookie jar.

Cake: Place 1/2 apple in the same container with the cake.
A slice of fresh bread fastened with toothpicks to the cut edge of a cake will keep the cake from drying out and getting stale.

Garlic: Garlic cloves can be kept in the freezer. When ready to use peel and chop before thawing.
Garlic cloves willnever dry out if you stor them in a bottle of cooking oil. After the garlic is used up, you can use the garlic-flavored oil for salad dressing.

Ice Cream: Ice cream that has been opened and returned to the freezer sometimes forms a waxlike film on the top. To prevent this, after part of the ice cream has been removed, press a piece of waxed paper or plastic wrap against the surface and reseal the carton.

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