Garden Plant Protection and Tips

To protect your new plants from pests and frost, cut the bottoms out of milk jugs and soda bottles (plastic) and put over your new little plants. Sprinkling them can also help, as the evaporation provides some heat and can safe guard them from early frosts.

Old stockings and pantyhose legs make great “tie to stake or trellis” material. The brown blends and the nylon does not deteriorate or cut your plants.

Put your egg shells in your flower planters or garden soil to keep it from getting acidic and it adds nutrients and keeps the soil loose.

Moth balls or dried blood can help keep pests from eating your plants, depending on what is getting into your garden. Some people sprinkle kitchen cleanser to protect their gardens. Remember after a rain, the above might have to be replaced.

Work your vegetable scraps into the soil for nutrition and recycling of the food. If you have someone that goes fishing, use their scraps in your soil for healthy plants. Coffee grounds and used tea leaves are also good for your plants.

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