How To Add Flavor, Nutrition, Eye-Appeal, Etc. To Your Foods

When making scalloped potatoes, add sliced carrots for more color and nutrition.

To add flavor to canned wax beans, brown a few tablespoons of butter in a hot skillet and add to the drained beans plus a bit of salt and pepper.

Zucchini bread is pretty with chopped dried apricots added instead of raisins.

To add flavor to white cakes, add a tiny bit of orange extract to the batter.

To add flavor to lentil soup, substitute salsa for half of the tomatoes.

Barbecued beef sandwiches are better with a topping of shredded lettuce, slivers of green pepper and a sprinkling of sugar.

To thicken and add flavor to your chili, add a can of re-fried beans.

When making fried potato patties out of leftover mashed potatoes stir in pancake mix instead of flour. It will lighten their texture.

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