Lemonade to the rescue for cleaning and tenderizing

Lemonade is great for cleaning and costs very little, plus it saves another bottle of caustic or dangerous cleaner in your cabinet:

Dishwasher cleaner:
Once a month run your empty dishwasher using lemonade mix instead of detergent.  The citric acid in the lemonade will dissolve any gunk and hard-water buildup.

Marinate your chicken or pork in prepared lemonade mix to tenderize it and give a nice flavor boost.

Hair cleaner:
Rinse your hair with prepared lemonade mix to remove grease and dirt!  Afterward, shampoo as usual.  This will also reset your PH level on your hair and cut through any buildup of additives used on your hair.

Stains on hands:
Rub a paste of lemonade mix and water on hands to erase stains from preparing carrots, eating berries or doing other foods that stain your hands.  It will also leave them smelling nice if you prepared onioins or garlic. First rub your hands on a wet stainless steel item like a large serving spoon and then finish with the lemonade paste to rid them of smell and stain.
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