Nutty Turtles


2 oz. (1 small pkg.) Cream cheese
12 (about 1/2 cup) Walnut halves, unbroken
12 Pitted prunes

Butter knife

Cut cream cheese into 3 equal pieces.  Then cut each piece in half and half again.  You should have 12 pieces of cream cheese.

Take a piece of cream cheese and press it against 1 walnut half.  Shape the cream cheese into a flat circle or oval.  Set it down on a plate with the walnut half on the bottom.

Take a pitted prune and press it over the top of the cheese.  It should really look like a cream cheese sandwich with a walnut half on one side and a prune on the other.

Now you need 5 small pieces of walnut.  Each piece should be about the size of a kernel of corn.  Take them from the 1/2 cup of walnut pieces.  Break the large pieces if you don't have any small ones.

Pretend the prune is the turtle shell.  The walnut is the underside of the turtle.  Now you want to give the turtle a head.  Stick 1 of the small pieces of walnut into the layer of cream cheese at one end of the turtle.

Now stick 4 more pieces of walnut into the cream cheese layer around the turtle.  Put 2 near the head and 2 at the back.  These will be the turtle's feet.  Set the finished turtle down on a plate.  Repeat until you have 11 more turtles.

Serve to your friends or put them in a covered container and store in the refrigerator until snack time.

Yield: 12 turtles

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