Paint tip

If you place masking tape on the rim of paint cans before pouring the paint out, you can remove the tape later and the rim will be clean.

If you have lumps in your paint can, try cutting a piece of screen the size of the can and allowing it to settle to the bottom, it will carry the lumps to the bottom.

After you clean out a paintbrush, rub a few drops of vegetable oil into the bristles to keep them soft.

Add 7-10 drops of black paint to each quart of white paint and it will not yellow.

Using a hand moisturizer when painting or doing other dirty chores will prevent dirt and paint from seeping into your're skin pores, making personal cleanup easier.

When painting steps, paint everyother one, let it dry and paint the opposite steps. This allows you to use the steps when painting or while ithe paint is drying.

Empty nail polish bottles are handy for storing touch up paint.

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