Peeling tomatoes

To peel tomatoes, dip in boiling water for about 2 minutes or until the skin pops. Some people like to cut an “x” in the skin at the bottom of the tomato before immersing it in the water to see the indication that the skin is ready to peel. When it starts to curl or come apart at the cut, remove it promptly and immerse it in ice water (to stop the cooking action). Be sure that you have enough water in a large kettle to be able to maintain the boil after tomatoes are placed into the water. Only blanch a few at a time, or the water will cool too much and not retain the “boil”. A potato peeler may be used, however it is slower and more of the tomato itself is lost in the peeling process. If you have a gas stove, you can hold the tomato over an open flame (on a long fork like a meat fork or grill fork) and turning it continually until the skin pops and is ready to slide off.

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