Picture/mirror hanging tips

Mark the place you intend to hang a picture or mirror with a X of cellophane tape where you plan to pound a nail into the wall and it will save the plaster from cracking, etc. when you start hammering. After inserting the nail into the wall, remove the tape carefully.

A wet finger print will mark the spot for the hanger and will dry with no mark remaining.

If you do not have a nail, use a straight pin (stick pin) or sewing machine needles (depending on size of the needle, they will hold up to 30 pounds) and insert at an angle. Hang the picture on the pin, putting it at the place the pin and wall meet, so the weight of the picture is at the junction not on the shaft of the pin. You will be very surprised at the amount of weight it can hold and the pin leaves a very small hole in the wall in comparison to a nail, etc.
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