Plan Ahead Meals

Thursday, October 15, 2009 – 06:3009:00

Prepare and sample foods while learning what freezes well and what doesn't. Make one basic recipe ahead of time that can be taken out as needed and turned into many tasty culinary delights! YOu won't want to miss all the tips and tricks included in this class.

Food, supplies and equipment are provided. Just bring your appetite. Classes are hands-on. Participants wil receive a folder of recipes and other information to take home. No experience is necessary.
Age 16 years and more
price $18.00 class number 340740-C
Location Warner Park Community Recreation Center-Madison, WI
To register call: 608-245-3669
Scheduled by Madison School & Community Recreation
Grants are available for anyone on limited income or have a handicap.
There are many, many entries on this web site. Be sure to scroll back through to the beginning for all the recipes and tips.
Gift certificates area available for weddings, holidays or “your are special” gifts or any other reason.
Team building with cooking classes is fun. Join co-workers and create recipes or learn about each other while cooking.
I am available to teach cooking classes or food related subjects in your home or give presentations or classes for your organizations or groups. Contact me at the following e-mail address:

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