Pot Luck Tips

When taking food to a potluck, use dishes you’ve purchased at yard sales, or resale shops. You will never feel badly if the dishes are lost, broken or not returned.

Use a clean milk crate or a sturdy liquor box (from the wine department at your store) to transport a slow cooker to a potluck. Line it with a towel, take the cover off the slow cooker and put foil over it. Set the cooker in the crate or box with your serving utensil. The crate keeps the pot from tipping and catches any drips. When you leave, you don’t have to look for the lid, as it will be easy to find, being wrapped in foil.

When taking a salad, take the dressing in a separate container and put it on just before serving, to save wilting the greens or having the dressing settle at the bottom of the dish.

Use disposable or inexpensive serving utensils so if they are lost or not returned, you have not lost your favorite kitchen items.

Use a twist-tie and a small tab or folded address lable with your name or initials to attach to the handle of your utensil, kettle, bowl, etc. if possible. Tape often comes off in the dishwasher or sink at a pot luck or is not seen if put on the bottom of the dish.

Always take a set of eating items, i.e. plate, soup bowl or sauce dish, cup, fork, spoon, knife, napkin, water bottle, etc. in a plastic bag and leave it in the bottom of your cooler or in your vehicle, so if they are not furnished or do not have enough, you are ready to use your own.

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