Glazed Ham Over Rice


1 Ham slice or slices of ham (quantity depends on servings desired)
1 cup Orange juice
1/4 cup Brown sugar
2 Tbl. Butter (melted in skillet)
1 cup Uncooked or dry instant rice

Brown ham slightly in melted butter. 

Mix orange juice and brown sugar.  Pour over ham and simmer.  If it is not covered while simmering, it will cook down to a syrup.  If covered while it is simmered it will make a sauce to serve with the ham over the rice.

Cook rice or make instant rice per package directions.

Cut ham into serving pieces (about 2″ square).  Serve with sauce over cooked rice.

Suggested Accompaniments:  Crispy lettuce salad with orange segments and slivered almonds and crispy French baguettes.

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