Lunch Munch Bunnies


1 Small pita, focaccia, or flat sourdough bread round
1 Small round roll
Butter or mayonnaise
Ham or peanut butter or sandwich filling of your choice
Red and green lettuce leaves or radicchio
1 Cucumber
1 Orange or red pepper
2 Small black olives
1 Radish
Peanut butter or cream cheese or cheese spread to glue parts onto face

Cut bread in half horizontally. Wash the vegetables. Garnish the sandwich, buttering it first (or use mayonnaise or mustard), with a layer of green lettuce, topped with a layer of ham, and scatter pieces of red lettuce leaves for garnish.

Put the second half of bread on top to make a sandwich. Add crunchy details to shape the bunny; a small roll for the muzzle, two cucumber slices and olives for eyes, pepper strips for whiskers, a radish slice for the mouth, several leaves of red lettuce or radicchio for the long ears. Use your imagination to make the bunny appetizing and attractive!

Yield: 1 bunny

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