Over-ripe Food Magic

When fruit has gotten over ripe before you could use it, be creative and use it in new ways:
Bananas: Stir them into pancake batter or mash them with a fork and add to oatmeal.

Berries:  Simmer the berries with sugar, a splash of water and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Then pour over ice cream or yogurt as a fruit compote.

Apples:  Simmer chopped apples with a little sugar and cinnamon and make applesauce.  They are also good chopped into pancakes, muffin batter or cookie batter before baking.  They can also be, cooked, mashed, and sweetened and served over spice cake or pancakes instead of frosting or syrup.  They can also be chopped finely and mixed with peanut butter for a healthy sandwich.

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