Clean vehicle tips

A clean folded hand towel in the car is a handy lap cover if eating is done in the car. It will catch crumbs, provides a handy wiping towel for messy fingers and saves things from slipping off of you lap (between your legs). It is also handy if any spills occur or if needed to wipe a problem windshield, etc. It will also become a bib if needed for a child or baby.

Spare plastic bags, tied in a gentle knot, are the answer to put wrappers and trash into as you travel. If many small things are purchased or need to taken somewhere, place them into the bag as they accumulate for easy toting and saves them sliding and getting lost.

Anytime you get out of the car, take your trash with you and deposit in the nearest trash container. Most public places have containers near the shopping cart corrals or their entrance doors. When you arrive at home, again, take the trash into the house adn discard it with you so it does not collect in the vehicle.

A bottle of water (allow space for expansion if weather is freezing) is a handy item to help wash dirty hands and faces, clean windshields if you run out of fluid on a messy day or to wash anything else on your travels or to supply a drink if necessary.

A portable car vaccumn that plugs into the cigarette lighter receptical is a handy item to keep in your trunk to give the floors an occasional clean-up of grit, crumbs, litter, etc.

Car mats can be easily cleaned in a front loader (laundry) wash machine.

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