Flower tips

Feed geraniums rinsed coffee grounds.

To add length to short stemmed flowers, slip stems into drinking straws before placing in the vase.

Put a layer of gravel on the top of window boxes to prevent rain from spattering dirt on windows.

Drop a penny into the vase, so tulips will stand erect and not open too wide.

Hold long-stemmed flowers erect in a tall wide mouthed vase by crisscrossing transparent tape across the top.

Hair rollers tied together and placed at the bottom of a vase make an ideal holder for your arrangement.

If you have ever smelled a marigold which has been in a vase of water for a few days, you will appreciate this tid bit. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the water to eliminate the odor.

Carnations will last longer if placed in water containing a little boric acid.

Place a crushed paper napkin or towel in the bottom of your flower vase it it's too deep for displaying flowers.

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