Freezing Food Facts

Most egg, noodle and vegetable based casseroles freeze beautifully.  Wrap them securely in freezer-to-oven safe dishes with foil and seal in a plastic bag or equal; remove from plastic and place directly in the oven to reheat.  Do not heat in a kettle and stir.  The pasta will get mushy.  Potato dishes can get watery and the potato might get grainy.

Unopened bags of already shredded cheese freeze perfectly fine.  Blocks of cheese will change texture slightly, but will be fine shredded and in cooked recipes.  Thaw in the refrigerator.

Baked goods: 
Most breads and cakes freeze well.  Cut the cakes into quarters before freezing so the serving size is just enough for your lunch or meal.

Butter freezes fine.  Half-and-half milk freezes for short periods (3 to 4 weeks).  Manufacturers do not recommend freezing yogurt, milk, heavy cream or sour cream.

Already cooked meats: 
Cooked meats freeze best in a sauce or cooking juices.  Do not refreeze meat that was previously frozen and thawed.  It will loose quality.

Soups and stews: 
Those that do not contain potatoes freeze best.  (If you're freezing vegetable soup with only a few potatoes, it sould be fine.)  Thaw in teh refrigerator.  Potato soup does not freeze well (because it will discolor and the texture changes drastically.)

Fresh beef, pork and poiunlty: 
Be sure to repackage and freeze by the “sell by” date printed on the package it came in. (Deli meat and ham will change in texture when frozen.  You may however, cube and freeze cooked ham to use in soup, casseroles and skillet meals.  Raw bacon can become ranced.  Do not freeze.  Cooked bacon freezes fine.  Thaw in the refrigerator.

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