Germ center

Your refrigerator handle is one of the most bacteria-infested places in the kitchen.  Don't forget to clean it each time you do dishes or oftener.  Drawer pulls and cupboard handles/knobs should also be cleaned very frequently.  Remember, you handle them and then go directly to your foods when cooking, however, people have been using the same knobs/handles many times since you last cleaned/sanitized them.

Dish cloths should be replaced with a clean one everyday.  They are used for many wipe-ups without rinsing and are left on your sink or counter damp – the perfect home for bacteria to grow and you then spread that over your counter, table and dishes from day to day if not replaced with a clean one regularily.  If a spray bottle with bleach is stored under your sink, it is handy to spray on your sink, drain boards and dish cloths to keep them white, mildew free and more sanitary.

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