House plant tips

Let tap water stand for 1 day to rid water of cholorine. This will help avoid brown tips.

The water you boil eggs in is filled with minerals and is a good “drink” for your plants.

Drop egg shells into a jar of water and cover. Let set a day before watering. Do not store egg shells for any length of time, because they will spoil and cause the worst odor.

Top choice fertilizers are old aquarium water and wataer in which fish has been frozen.

Don't throw away your fizzless club soda. It has just he right chemicals to add vigor and color to your plants.

Scoop up some clean snow and let it melt. Use it for watering because there are wonderful minerals in snow.

When going on vacation, place all houseplants in the bathtub on old thickly folded bath towels, in a few inches of water. They will absorb moisture as needed.

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