Lettuce tips

Lettuce should never be cut with a metal knife, since it will cause it to turn brown on the edges that touched the metal. Always cut with a plastic knife or break with your hands.

To remove the core, grasp the whole head firmly in your hands and pound it (with the core at the bottom) once very firmly onto a hard flat surface, like the sink edge or a hard counter. Using your fingers, grasp the core and twist it, pulling it out of the lettuce head. As you smell the core, you will find how bitter it is and why you would want to remove the core as soon as possible so the bitterness does not travel up into the lettuce.

To crisp wilted lettuce, rinse it in lukewarm water, wrap in a paper towel and place in the refrigerator.

Do not add dressing to lettuce until serving time or the acid in the dressing will break down the lettuce or greens and make them soft and wilted textured.

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