Mashed potato tips

Heat the milk and butter before adding to mashed potatoes for fluffy potatoes.

Rinse potatoes before allowing to stand, if you intend to prepare ahead for cooking later. They will not turn dark if rinsed, keep immersed in cold water, also lemon juice can be added to maintain the white color. The lemon flavor will not be noticed, since you will only use a little lemon juice.

If using new potatoes, cook in hot water, if using old potatoes, start cooking in cold water.

Add egg whites, when mashing potatoes, that have been slightly beaten for lighter potoatoes.

Add a pinch of baking powder with the milk and margarine or butter to the potatoes when whipping them to keep them light.

To reduce calories, use chicken broth or skim milk instead of butter and whole milk in whipped potatoes.

For the single person, a ricer makes quick mashed potatoes.

For a tasty addition, I like to whip in sour cream and chopped chives or sour cream that has chives already in it.

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