Medicine bottle labels

Ask the doctor how to label your bottles so you know what the medicine was for in the future if you would decide to use the remainder at another time. Some antibiotics react only with urine, etc. Some pain pills are for nerve ending pain, etc. Some cannot be used with other medicines or certain foods.

Use a small piece of white tape or plain label and write on it what it is for and and any other important details. When attaching the label be sure to not cover dates or any other information that came on the bottle when you got it from the pharmacy.

It is often a good idea to save empty bottles with the labels so you have reference in the future if your probelm or a similar problem would occur. You can tell a new doctor (when yours is not on duty) what you have used successfully in the past and had no bad reactions.

Empty, clean bottles with the labels removed are great for storing small nails, screws, etc. or buttons in them. Needles and pins also are safely kept in small bottles. Some have good seals on them and can be used to take small amounts of lotions or shampoos, etc. for traveling or in your purse or tote. Rolls of postage stamps can also be put in the bottles for traveling or in your desk. Small pieces of toys and game pieces are also stored easily in them.

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