Instant Cookies

Quick and easy for anyone that wants a cookie and only crackers are in the cupboard.

Break the long cracker into 2 squares.  (Place your thumb nails on the seam of the cracker when breaking it and it will break more evenly.) Frost one of the halves and place the other one on top of the frosting (making a sandwich).  For an ice cream treat, place a slice of ice cream in between the crackers and frost the top if desired or put whipped cream on the top.

To make it special, add chopped nuts, coconut, finely chopped dried fruit like apricots or raisins to the frosting before placing the second cracker piece on top of the frosting.  The top of the cracker can also be frosted, but it is not necessary.

Chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers are available in many stores, making interesting “cookies” with lots of flavor.

Good lunch box treats – travel well, quick to fix and often healthier than cookies.

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