Santa Cake


*For cake:
Cake Mix
8″ round layer pan
9″ square layer pan
Parchment paper to line bottom of pans
Vegetable spray for pan
Glass or metal bowl to tint coconut (plastic might stain from food coloring)

1 Baked 9-inch square cake layer *cooled
1 Baked 8-inch round cake layer* cooled
8 cups Seven Minute Frosting or any white frosting
2 2/3 cups(about) Flake coconut
For coconut Red food coloring
For belt & boots Wide black licorice strips
For belt buckle Gold decorating sugar
2 Black jelly beans
2 (eyes) Black licorice laces
1 (nose) Red ring-shaped hard candy
1 mouth Large red gumdrop

Pour 3 1/4 cups prepared cake mix batter into a greased, floured (optional – parchment lined bottom) 9-inch square pan and remainder into a greased, floured (optional – parchment lined bottom) 8-inch round pan. Bake at 350? for 25 minutes for 8-inch round, 35 minutes for 9-inch square, or until cake tests done.

Cut a 9-inch circle from square cake. From this circle cut an elliptical piece, 2 inches wide at widest point.

Put Santa together using frosting to hold cake pieces in place. Cover cake completely with frosting. Tint 1 1/2 cups of the coconut red, and form Santa's suit, cap and rosy cheeks.

Add untinted coconut trimmings. Decorate with licorice and candy.

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