Save on Your Grocery Bill

Purchase oranges, onions, and potatoes in bags rather than individually – you will save about 1/2 the price.

Don't buy non-gorcery items at eh supermarket (sometimes they are cheaper at a super-market – watch the pricing)-watch mass-maraket retailers like Walmart, etc. and paper products at warehouse clubs like Costco, etc.

Opt for frozen seafood over fresh – save 20 to 40 percent and often safer (cold to transport and less handling in the case/store)Much seafood comes in frozen and then is sold as “previously frozen”.

Buy ground beef and chicken breasts in bulk or family-size packages to save 20 percent on ground beef and 50 percent a pound on chicken.

Find out the item's cost per unit (CPU) Sometimes larger packages cost more per ounce, like detergents often do. Wasted space in packaging is often deceiving on some packages.

Know when the store has double coupon day and get double value for your coupons.

Watch for store brand. Sometimes quality is different on store brand, but not always. Best to buy one of an item of a lesser priced brand to sample and then decide if the savings is wise.

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