Sewing tips

Eliminating the knot: When sewing with a single thread, does it constantly knot? If so, try this: After you thread the needle, be sure to knot the end that was cut off closet to the spool.

To avoid knots, run the thread through bees wax (soap bars work well too). The bees wax also strengthens the thread.

To thread a needle easier, cut the tread at an angle and dampen the end that will go through the needle or run it lightly over an old soap bar.

A handy pin cushion: A bar of soap makes an ideal place to stick needles and pins. It lubricates them so that they will go through stiff fabrics with ease too.

To mark seams, button locations, etc. use an old soap sliver. Washes out easily with no stain or marks remaining.

Sewing on plastic: Put wax paper over the seam and the sewing machine will not stick to the plastic nor pucker. The wax paper will tear off easily after the job is done.

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