Edible Jewelry


4 cups Variety of donut-shaped cereals, (Trix, Cap?n Crunch, Cinnamon Cheerios, etc.)
8 Thin licorice whips

Small bowls – 1 for each cereal

Pour cereals into individual bowls and set on table. Tie one end of each licorice whip into a knot to keep the cereal from falling off, and give each child a length of thin licorice. String cereals onto the licorice any way they like to make necklace or bracelet. Tie the ends of licorice whip together in a double knot to form necklace.

Variations: Use donut shaped candies, such as Life Savers or substitute with popped corn for cereal.

Tip: Have a bowl of cereal handy for the kids to munch on while making their jewelry.

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