Dirty-Clean headlights

To keep your headlights on your car clear from road salt and residue this cold winter season you should first start by thoroughly cleaning your headlights. Just use a soft rag and a little water to remove anything that has built up on the headlights.

Once the headlights are clean use another rag and make sure they are completely dry.

Now you will need to use a soft cloth and some car wax, yes just regular car wax. With your rag scoop out a quarter sized amount of car wax and gently rub it on the headlight lenses. Make sure it is completely covered. Allow this to sit on the headlight while you do the same to the other headlight.

After a few minutes of the wax sitting on the headlight lens you will use a clean rag and wipe the car wax off of the headlight lenses. There will be a small file of the wax left on the headlight lenses. The car wax has a special ingredient to help the water run off the surface of the car and it works just the same for your headlights. This helps keep the salt and dirt mixture off of your headlights.

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