Ice and snow equipment tips

Keep a container of sidewalk salt in your trunk to sprinkle on the ground or road  to save falling if you have car trouble or to get off of a slippery spot.

Keep an old car mat or shower mat in the trunk to put under the wheels if you are stuck.

Keep a spray bottle of windshiled (cold weather version) to spray on the windows to help thaw them.

Battery powered equipment is now available to thaw key locks and windshields.  The key lock warmer is small enough to put on your key chain and be handy when needed.

Keep a blanket and a bottle of unsalted peanuts in the car incase you are stranded.  The blanket will help keep you warm and the peanuts have protein for nurishment.  By getting the “un”salted ones, you will avoid getting more thirsty from the salt.

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