Shop Per Serving not Per Pound

If you figure how many servings you will get from a pound of roast (especially if used in a stew or soup, etc.) instead of the price per pound, you will have a more realistic idea of what the piece of meat, etc. is costing in your budget and you can justify purchasing it, even if you have a tight budget, if you can get several servings from a pound of a good cut. If you purchase ground meat at a lower price but it has a high percentage of fat (that will fry away into waste) you are not getting a good buy, since you are not “eating” all of what you buy. Instead, buy a more lean ground meat and mix it with a can of soup or tomato juice or chopped tomatoes or vegetables for liquid, and you will save calories, add vegetables to your diet, flavor and moisture to the meat without wasted money on fat that you will need to find a way to dispose of, along with the fact that you will be consuming more fat also, mixed in with the meat.

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