Velvety Vanilla Fruit Dip

1 8-oz. carton Dairy sour cream
1 cup Half-and-half or light cream
1 6-oz. can Frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 4-oz. serving size pkg. Instant vanilla pudding mix
Fresh stawberries, melon balls, orange slices, peach slices, apple chunks or banana chunks.

In a bowl, combine sour cream, light cream, orange juice concentrate and pudding mix. Cover and chill for up to 24 hours. (If mixture is too thick after chilling, stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons additional cream to thin the mixture.)
Serve as a dip for fruit such as strawberries, melon balls, orange or peach slices, or apple or banana chunks (brush apple and banana chunks with a mixture of lemon juice and water to prevent browning). Or spoon over balls of fresh fruit.

Makes 3 cups

Nutrition Note: Trim some fat by using light or non-fat dairy sour cream.
Nutrition facts per 2-tablespoon serving with fruit: 76 cal, 3gm fat, 8mg chol, 69 mg. sodium
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