Easy -cost effective table pad-table cloth

To save noise from table service (knives, forks, etc.) on your guest tables, place a flat style white bed sheet under your table cloth (best if you can fold it in half lengthwise or as it fits best) to be a substitute for a table pad. This saves you money, since it is lilely already in your linen closet, space since it won't need to be stored anywhere, ironing or special laundry costs, since it is just a “bed” sheet not a fancy table cloth that could be stained if things get spilled on it or need to be sent to the dry cleaners. This also helps protect your table top, even under your table cloth. This will provide a “quality” base for your table settings. If you do not have a table cloth, a bed sheet can become a table cloth, if it is a white one or a color that coordinates with your china or surroundings. If you do not have a sheet to fit your table, they can often be purchased inexpensively at a resale shop and still be in new or very good condition.

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