Paper Cone Ornaments/Gifts

Paper Cone Ornaments/Gifts

Old Christmas or other greeting cards
Double-stick tape
*1 bag M&M's or similiar type candies
Hole punch
Thin red ribbon

Make a small paper cone out of an old Christmas card by wrapping the sides of the card arond each other so the bottom is a point and the top is wide.

Double-stick tape the ends of the paper so you have a strong cone.

Punch a hole into each side of the cone and tape the ribbon with clear tape to the inside of the cone.

Fill with M&M's or other small candies and hang as a decoration or give as a gift.

This can also be done with other greeting cards for other occasions.
* Depending on the size of the cone, it can also be filled with small fruits like cherries and grapes if used as a gift or center piece for a meal. Place cones in a glass fruit bowl or glasses or glass cups (to help them stand up)

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