Start plants in egg cartons

To start seeds and move the new plants easily to the garden or other area for them to continue growing through the summer, etc. plant the seeds in soil that has been put into cardboard type egg cartons.  They can then easily be cut apart and put into the soil outside (you might want to cut the bottom out of the bottom of the little egg cups, but that is optional).  They are easy to water while inside until the weather is warm enough for them to go outside.  Place the cartons in a container or tray and water them by putting water, as needed,  in the master container or tray.  The cardboard will absorb the water and hold the soil so it doesn't spill.  After they are planted outside,  roots can grow through the cardboard, and it will also help hold moisture for the plants outside too, and the egg carton will disintegrate into the soil later.

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